GITI 2015
8th Regional Georgian ICT Development and Cyber Security Event

Tbilisi, November 19-20

Day 1 - Session I

DEA: Georgias Successful Journey to e-Government
e-Government Department - Administration of the Government of Georgia
e-Governance in Georgia - Ivar Tallo
Georgia in Open Government Partnership (OGP)
Georgias Innovation and Technology Agency
Public Service Development Agency
e-Estonia - Ivar Tallo
Digital Government - Microsoft
Open Source Cloud - NAPR

Day 1 - Session II

e-Signed DocFlow System in Georgian Financial Sector
Emergency and Operative Response Center
Синергия умного и безопасного города - Cisco
Environmental Information System: Challenges and Opportunities
Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs
Tbilisi - Smart City - LEPL Technology Development Fund (TDF)

Day 1 - Session III

Optimized Networks for Cloud and Mobile - HP Enerpise
Information-Driven Way to Make Business - Efficient Information Technologies 

Day 2 - Session I

Controller Device Management System - AzRy
Implementation of the Personal Data Protection Law of Georgia
Efficient Asset Management in IFS Applications
Advanced Analytics and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning - Microsoft

Day 2 - Session II

DEA: Information and Cyber Security
Role and Objectives of the Cybersecurity Bureau
DEA: Information and Cyber Security Capabilities in Georgia
From Nuclear to Cyber Power - Caucasus Academy of Security Experts

Day 2 - Session III

Cyber Security Architecture of Georgia
Russian Cyber Capabilities, Policy and Practice
Hardware Vulnerabilities - Attack Techniques and Mitigation Strategy
Effective Service Management - TMS
Transforming IT Security Strategy - ISSP

GITI 2014
7th Regional Georgian ICT Development and Cyber Security Event

Tbilisi, November 6-7

Day 1

DEA: Georgias Successful Journey to E-Government
Project:  EU-Georgia e-Governance Facility
Magticom:  Current State, Challenges and Future of Telecommunications in Georgia
Hitachi:  Innovation Storage Technology for Business Continuity
Orient Logic & Schneider Electric
NAPR:  Cheap Multidatacenter Cloud Storage for Cold Data
DEA:  Service Catalogue / Open Government Data Portal (
SDA:  IT Innovation and Innovative Public Services
Enabling Smart Collaboration between Regulators and Private Companies in Dealing with Construction Permits
Apricot Software: Accounting Systems for SMEs
NBE:  Paperless Business in Georgian Financial Sector
CISCO CloudVerse for Government
CISCO Networking Academy
Armsoft:  The Business Model

Day 2

Activities of the Personal Data Protection Inspector:  Overview
Cyber Security Bureau:  Cyber Security Policy
NBE:  First Practice - Information Security Management System Implementation and ISO 27001 Certification
DEA:  CERT.GOV.GE - Activities and Services
Intel Security:  Leading the World into Connected Security
SPARTAN3:  Identity Theft, Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Wars & Terrorism, Corporate Espionage, Privacy
Identity, Governance and Administration as Forefront of IT Security Model
Ruckus:  Next Generation Hotspots
HP Security Services

GITI 2012

Tbilisi, November 15-17

Session I
Session II
Session III

GITI 2011

Tbilisi, 17-19 November



Day 1

Mature and Competetive ICT Brand