Project Leaders

Member State Project Leader
Hannes Astok

Hannes Astok is an enthusiastic speaker for information society, promoting the role of local governments in e-governance, challenges of online and mobile governance as well as new technologies for the government.

Mr Astok (51) is the Director for Development and Strategy at the Estonian e-Governance Academy (, providing training and consultancy for central and local governments in South Caucasus, Central Asia, South-East Europe and Middle East.

Hannes Astok has been a Member of Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) and was responsible for the development and oversight of the information society development, intellectual property, and electronic communication regulation issues.

He has worked for a decade as a Deputy Mayor of Estonia’s second largest city Tartu. Today, Tartu is one of the world’s leading cities in e-governance, providing citizens and businesses with a wide variety of Internet and mobile phone based services.

Mr Astok has a degree in journalism from Tartu University.

Junior MS Project Leader
Vittorio Vallero

Vittorio Vallero is a Programme Manager for Research and Innovation activities in CSI-Piemonte.

Mr Vallero has 20 years of experience in the field of ICT and telecommunications. He has been working in EU funded projects since 2006 including TAIEX, Technical Assistance and e-government Twinning projects in which he had the role of short term expert, component leader and project leader.

He holds a degree in Telecommunication Engineering.

Resident Twinning Adviser
Ivar Tallo

Ivar Tallo (51)
is a seasoned international expert on e-governance and the use of the information and communication technologies for the public sector.

Mr Tallo is one of the founders and the first executive director of e-Governance Academy in 2002-2007. Currently he is a member of its Supervisory Board.

Ivar Tallo has been a Member of Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) and Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. He has also worked as a lecturer on public policy and public administration at Tartu University.

Mr Tallo is the author of the Basic Principles of Information Policy of Estonia, Code of Conduct for Civil Servants and co-author Public Information Act.

Ivar Tallo has served as a regional ICTD advisor for the Bratislava Center of the UNDP and been seconded by Estonian government to the United Nations Institute for Training and Research where he was the manager for the e-governance programme.

Mr Tallo has promoted the use ICT for the public sector leaders in the Central and Eastern European countries, Balkan states, the CIS, the Arab countries and in Africa.

He has advised on e-governance presidents of Kazhastan and Armenia, Cabinets and Ministers of Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ukraina, Azerbajian, Northern Cyprus, Palestinian Authonomy, Namibia and Rwanda, Speakers and MPs from Macedonia, Afganistan, and Kazahstan.

He initiated a transfer of highly successful Estonian educational ICT programme Tiger Leap to Georgia after the Rose revolution with the financial help of the US Embassy in Tallinn and Estonian MFA.

Most recently Mr Tallo was a team leader of the EU funded project Transactional e-Governance Development in Armenia. The main tasks of the project were development of the e-services; service portals development and integration; sectorial governmental online services (e-police) development, digitization of Population Registry and initiation of new Data Protection law.