For the First Time in History, the 5th National Cyber Olympiad – “Cyber Cube 2020” Held in Online Format
07 June, 2020

On June 7, more than 100 students from universities and schools across Georgia took part in the 5th Cyber Olympiad CyberCube 2020, which for the first time was held online. Traditionally the event was organized by the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-GOV-GE) of the Data Exchange Agency (DEA) under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

The main goal of the cyber Olympiad is to promote and support the development of cyber security field, as well as to identify and motivate talented young people, who possess the technical knowledge and competence.

All persons under age 25 interested in cybersecurity could have participated in the Cyber Olympiad. Potential contestants, this time had to compete individually due to COID-19 restrictions. The principle of selection of participants was based on their knowledge and experience in programming, networking and web technologies.

"Taking into account the reality of the pandemic, this year we also changed the format and held the cyber Olympiad online. This, of course, was a new challenge and we wondered how justified our decision would be. I would like to note with satisfaction that the Olympiad has proceeded successfully without interruptions and technical difficulties and we were given the opportunity for the fifth time - and this time online - to meet promising, interesting young people who will play an important role in strengthening Georgia’s cybersecurity." – Nikoloz Gagnidze, DEA Chairman commented.

Divided into teams, CyberCube participants compete to fulfil a variety of tasks related to preventing cyber crisis situations and recovering from cyber security incidents caused by hard drive failures or attacks by adversaries. Most of the tasks are based on the real case scenarios from international experience and the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) practice.

“It is encouraging to see talented and motivated young people willing to contribute to the development of their country. Since 2016 when we held the first Olympiad, we are constantly trying to offer a more updated program every year, as cybersecurity tactics and strategies are rapidly changing and we have to follow these developments. This project is an example of a systemic approach toward cybersecurity, which is very important because one of the main features of the successful modern state is to ensure and then maintain high levels of cybersecurity.” – David Kvatadze, CERT-GOV-GE Manager.

The contestants occupying places 1-3 were awarded interesting prizes by the sponsors.

Online Cyber Olympiad Cyber Cube 2020 Sponsors: Owasp Tbilisi; Association GRENA; GREENNET; University of Georgia.