Trade Facilitation System (TFS)

General information on Trade Facilitation System:

· Trade Facilitation System (TFS) is the system aiming at harmonization of the electronic flow of information among key participants in the logistics, shipping, and transport industries, both public and private;

· TFS enables traders, customs brokers, freight forwarders, shipping lines, and other players in international trade to submit information through a single entry point;

· TFS is a platform which ensures connection between different operational software systems to exchange the data timely and safely;

· It enables electronic connections not only between the private and public sectors, but also government institutions (customs, railway, border police), as well as private sector bodies (sea ports, shipping lines, airlines, post transporters, airports, terminals (warehouses), expeditors, freight forwarders, railway, brokers, banks, insurance companies);

· TFS will process and transmit trade related information electronically to government and private stakeholders in a standardized format;

· TFS reduces cost and time, which is necessary to prepare trade and transportation mandatory documents, accordingly number of procedures is also reduced, logistic and cargo customs clearance process is expedite;

· Parties connected to TFS will be able to optimize logistic processes and improve their competitive position;

· By adopting the system 24-hour-service will be accessible from any place, management and administration expenses will be reduced, information availability will increase and probability of errors will decrease;

· System guarantees confidentiality of commercial information;

· System effectiveness significantly depends on the involvement of private companies that operate in transportation and logistics sector;

· Participation in the system is voluntary and includes a free trial period;

· The step-by-step approach of the system’s roll-out is based on international best practice, which is derived from development of similar systems in other parts of the world;

· According to the survey carried out in Poti Port, TFS will substitute 1 million paper documents annually. TFS streamlined procedures will save 3.7 hour of the operators’ working time and 26 printed pages on each container, the total annual estimated savings related to the containers management would be 4,530,000 GEL.