16 December, 2010
IP Monitoring Service

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT.gov.ge), a subsidiary division of Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia offers IP address monitoring service. The service can be used by both public and private entities. The service is intended to discover, treat and monitor all infected IP addresses and cracked websites through the scanning of Georgia’s computer environment.

For today in Georgia the number of infected IP addresses is quit high (nearly 25 000 IP addresses). This factor creates vulnerable situation for damaging ICT infrastructure in both public and private sector. Organized registration procedures and prevention measures of such IP addresses were not carried out till now.

 Several committed organizations in the world are conducting detailed scanning procedures to unveil infected IP addresses. This year CERT.gov.ge started active cooperation and reached agreement on data exchange with organizations such are TEAM CUMRY, SHADOWSERVER, ARBOR NETWORKS and ARAKIS. In the nearest future it is also planned to cooperate with other European CERTs and international organizations. This mutual cooperation will enable Data Exchange Agency to permanently receive detailed information on infected IP addresses, cracked websites and planned or carried out cyber-attacks on Georgian cyber space. Additionally DEA will create and administrate database of such addresses and offer its holders a complex service package to eliminate the threats.