New form of Registration was added to the Citizen’s Portal MY.GOV.GE
28 January, 2013

Besides a new identification card it is now available to register with the use of name and password on the citizen’s portal MY.GOV.GE. The Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia finished integrating the above mentioned function on the portal, which gives a bigger number of people a chance to apply for MY.GOV.GE services.

“Up to now, in order to use citizen’s portal you had to have a new identification card and a card reader. This of course limited the area of the portal users. So we decided to add one more form of registering on the portal. In a simple form, such as registering an e-mail, we can register with the name and password on the portal. After registration, the user will be able to apply for most of the portal’s services with a few exceptions.” – Irakli Gvenetadze, the head of the Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

By registering with the name and password on the portal the user is not able to apply for services which require digital signature, for example, business registration. For this purpose an ID card registration is required, however different personal information about family, property, health issues will be available without a new identification card. Also paying different types of fines and expenses, including communal expenses will also be available.

Citizen’s portal MY.GOV.GE is an online resource, which gathers various e-services provided by public and private organizations. The citizen portal gives user a chance to apply those services remotely, in online regime with a few simple combinations from any country, without having to leave an office or residence.