Information Security Awareness Raising Campaign – the Second Phase
29 July, 2013

With the support of USAID democratic management program in Georgia (G3), Data Exchange Agency filmed 5 new cognitive video commercials within the frames of the second stage of public awareness campaign about information security. The content of the video commercials cover the simplest, but the most important aspects of the information security which we meet in our everyday lives.

“We have filmed 6 commercials last year, which gained positive feedback. Because of the successful experience, we have made decision to prolong the campaign and, with the support of our partners, added 5 new commercials to our records. The story line of these commercials is the same, but now we offer completely different situation scenarios. The goal of these video commercials is to tell broader audience about the elementary norms of the information security, the protection of which is very important for all those people who use internet, social networks, mobile equipment, check e-mails or use bank plastic cards.

Everyday situations are accompanied with a lot of threats which we ignore. As a result, our private information is under threat. We think that the video commercials prepared in the scope of the campaign, will play a positive role in informing the society “, - Irakli Lomidze, head of information security and policy division of the Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.