In the scope of NATO’s Programme - The Science for Peace and Security the Representatives of Data Exchange Agency Held Trainings for Montenegrin Specialists
20 September, 2013

Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia inculcates a place in the international field. The projects implemented and the works held by the agency’s experts in the direction of e-governance, data exchange infrastructure and information security already brought an international recognition to them.

Along with the other partners Data Exchange Agency collaborates with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Since 2012 the representatives of the agency’s information security and policy division participate as invited experts and trainers in the trainings held by NATO’s Programme – The Science of Peace and Security.

Introduction to Information Security, Cyber Security Mechanisms, Security of Websites and Portals, Securing Network Monitoring, Cryptography, Discovering, Registration, Analysis, and Prevention of Cyber Incidents – these are the issues in which the representatives of Data Exchange Agency are qualified in and in the scope of NATO’s programme share their knowledge and experience with the representatives of other countries.

In the scope of the programme the representatives of the agency held two trainings in Turkey’s capital Ankara, in the Middle East Technical University (METU) for Afghanistan and Macedonian Network Administrators.

In 2013 the representatives of the agency were invited again to hold trainings in September 16-19. This time trainings were held for Montenegro’s specialists of corresponding profiles and the learning objectives included not only information security but cyber security as well.

“In 21st century cyber and information security is one of the biggest challenges facing practically any country. One of the main directions towards what the Data Exchange Agency is working on is Cyber and Information security. CERT.GOV.GE is the main structure functioning in our organization and is the main body working on Information and Cyber security in our country. Our personnel have the qualification, knowledge, experience, and international recognition needed for coping modern challenges.” – Irakli Lomidze, The head of the Information Security and Policy Division of the Data Exchange Agency.

The fact that Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia is participating in the scope of the event by NATO’s Programme of The Science of Peace and Security is conditioned as Georgia having a good reputation in the Information Security issues.