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Data Exchange Agency together with Partners held the First Cyber Hackathon
23 December, 2019

On December 20-21, Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-GOV-GE) of LEPL Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, in partnership with the non-profit organization OWASP and the University of Georgia, held the first cyber hackathon, within the framework of which, participants have created open-source programs based on web applications and cybersecurity principles.

The event was organized with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the British Government and the Embassy.

The cyber hackathon participants were able to test their knowledge in a practical setting in the process of designing specific programs. At the end of the hackathon, a competent jury, comprising of specialists from both the public, private and educational sectors, unveiled the winning teams, members of which were awarded the prizes.

The cyber hackathon lasted two days and was attended by individually registered professionals of various backgrounds as well as staff members from public, private, and educational organizations.

The cyber hackathon was open to all interested professionals who had the desire and idea to develop a cyber security product.

“The principle of cyber hackathon is exactly in line with the purpose of our event. It is our desire that everyone, especially young people, be given the opportunity to test their knowledge and practical skills in a competitive environment and develop a variety of cybersecurity-based programs. It should be noted that these programs are so called open source, which means that all interested individuals and organizations can use them. This type of event promotes programming and cybersecurity among young professionals, which in turn is important for the country as a whole.” – David Kvatadze, CERT-GOV-GE Manager.

"The idea of ​​the hackathon was co-developed with Data Exchange Agency and its main purpose is to provide young professionals with practical knowledge in programming and cybersecurity. This event is a good opportunity to find ideas and solutions to specific tasks and to solve problems in a particular environment and concrete time. The University of Georgia is constantly striving to help young people develop the skills needed for professional development and deepen their knowledge in specific areas of interest." – Sulkhan Sulkhanishvili, Head of IT Department, the University of Georgia.

Cyber Hackathon sponsors: GREENNET, UGT, Orient Logic.

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